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Legal Notice

Whistleblower reporting

MEDIAGENIX is a global leader in providing content management, content strategy and content scheduling solutions to media companies around the world.

We have an excellent reputation in all countries where we operate and our customers include major industry players in broadcasting. We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and legal compliance.

Through this link, you can report as supplier, customer, business partner or stakeholder any illegaldishonest or wrongful conduct (“misconduct”) in your business relation with MEDIAGENIX of which you have become aware, or for which you have reasonable grounds to believe it has occurred. This includes both suspected or actual misconduct. Under the Whistleblower legislation, a report must be made in the overall interest of Mediagenix.

You can submit the report confidentially by sharing your name and contact information or completely anonymously. Make sure to provide sufficient details and include (when available):

  • a detailed description of the events and how it came to your attention;
  • the date and place of the event;
  • the names and job positions of the persons involved, or information that enables their identification;
  • the names of other persons, if any, who can attest to the reported facts;
  • when submitting a confidential report, the Whistleblower’s name (such information will not be requested when an anonymous report is made); and
  • any other information or element that could help the investigating team to verify the facts.

Your report will be treated confidential and securely by the dedicated investigation team, managed by the designated case handler. MEDIAGENIX offers anyone who reports misconduct in good faith protection against any form of retaliation.

By using this link, you are able to make a new secure report or follow up on an existing report. Following up on your reports can be relevant for numerous reasons:

  1. You wish to see the status of your report, to check if action is being taken.
  2. You wish to provide additional information to your report.
  3. The designated case handler has requested additional information from you to help them resolve the issue or take the appropriate action.

We thank you for your assistance.