IBC 2024

At IBC 2024 as not seen on TV: Smart content solutions to strategize, manage, and engage.

The FAST and the Touchless

A MEDIAGENIX webinar on the true power behind FAST channels, hosted by media analyst Alan Wolk—the very man who coined the FAST acronym. Let's get to the bottom of four critical challenges FAST channels must tackle amid a costly fight for eyeballs.

  • Speakers Mary Ann Halford, Tony Huidor, Rebecca Twardy, Michel Beke & Alan Wolk
  • Location Webinar
  • Date 04 May. 2023
  • Time 16:00:00
The FAST and the Touchless (Main Picture)
How to go really fast with FAST? (Illustration)

How to go really fast with FAST?

Scalability and short Time-to-Value

  • How to get up and running quickly—without heavy upfront costs and infrastructure—and scale up and down dynamically?
  • How to schedule multiple channels at speed, instantly finding/sequencing the right content and assigning the right materials?
  • How to deal with unplanned changes and updates?
How to do more with less? (Illustration)

How to do more with less?

Combining quality with automation

  • How to automate for minimum effort and maximum control (material planning, episode planning, rights verification, promotion planning, playlist timing, on-screen messaging)?
  • How to relieve pressure on the headcount? Can all operations (e.g. segmentation, ad insertion) be touchless for high-quality channels? Are completely touchless channels the next thing?
How to steer clear of legal pitfalls? (Illustration)

How to steer clear of legal pitfalls?

Rights validation & compliance

  • How to achieve automated, multi-level verification of complex rights, restrictions and obligations.
  • Which rights are applicable, VOD or Linear?
  • How to ensure you are compliant everywhere (commercial payload, parental guidance, reporting on copyright usage and as-runs)?
How to keep viewers engaged? (Illustration)

How to keep viewers engaged?

Scheduling & promotion strategies

  • Which scheduling strategy and tools to apply to cater for binge watching (scheduling back to back), viewing habits (fixed day or week structure), and appointment viewing (fixed start times), while enabling live streams for sports, newscasts and events and creative combinations of VOD and Linear (start-over or switching to VOD)?
  • ‘Sticky’ content, yes, but archive or originals, cheap or premium?
  • How to attract eyeballs with promotions and on-screen messages, and how to measure viewership/commercial success?
From fast playlists to a FAST-channel powerhouse (Illustration)

The Speakers

Mary Ann Halford Global Media & Entertainment Strategist, Partner at Altman Solon

For over 25 years, Marie Ann has been actively building businesses in the media and entertainment industry in the US, Europe, and internationally. She has worked as both an operator and a consultant/advisor globally.

Tony Huidor Chief Technology & Product Officer at Cinedigm

Tony has more than 15 years experience developing and managing innovative entertainment/educational products & services across established and emerging technology platforms. Well-versed in digital media with extensive hands-on expertise and deep technical knowledge.

Rebecca Twardy Strategic Account Director at Mediagenix

Rebecca has over 20 years’ experience in broadcast and media. Rebecca has worked with a number of broadcasters in the FAST space as they have launched new channels and crafted their go-to-market strategies. Rebecca has also worked with broadcasters and production companies on content catalogue monetization and search and discovery across platforms as the viewing landscape continues to shift from traditional broadcast to streaming.

Michel Beke Product Ambassador at Mediagenix

Michel has been active in the media sector since 1992 and was involved with WHATS’ON from its conception. Michel follows the evolution of the media sector and remains in close contact with the customer base to assure that their evolving needs are reflected in the product evolution.

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