IBC 2024

At IBC 2024 as not seen on TV: Smart content solutions to strategize, manage, and engage.

Smarten up your Content Lifecycles

Are your content lifecycles greatly guided by gut feeling? In today’s complexity, that intuition should be firmly backed up by actionable insights from unlocked data and AI if you are to achieve a sound return on your precious content. Learn how with this recording of the MEDIAGENIX webinar of 23 November 2022.

  • Speakers Lucas Denys & Jens Costers
  • Location Webinar
  • Date 23 Nov. 2022
Webinar cover: Smarten your content Lifecycle
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How data can drive your content-lifecycle decisions

How do you

  • measure and analyse the expected value of your stock?
  • pinpoint what content you need to acquire, commission or produce to keep your audience engaged?
  • decide exactly where and when you will schedule or publish that content? 

And how can you predict your content’s performance will come up to expectations?
Learn how from our data experts Lucas Denys and Jens Costers.

Jens Coster & Lucas Denys

The Speakers

Lucas Denys

Lucas is the Data & Integration Product Manager at Mediagenix. Before, Lucas worked as a data scientist and machine learning engineer in startups and established organizations. He holds degrees in engineering, computer science and business economics.

Jens Costers

Jens manages the Data & Integration team at Mediagenix. Before, Jens worked as a web developer and BI consultant. He holds a degree in engineering.

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