Boost your media-business agility for ever-changing content & programming challenges

Only a lean, data-driven, and collaborative content supply chain can equip media companies with the business agility to keep maximizing efficiencies, audience engagement, and content value amid rapidly changing market conditions. This belief inspires us to keep developing agile and future-proof answers to the media industry's fundamental challenges regarding content strategy, content management, and content scheduling.

The content challenge

How do I manage the content lifecycle to maximize content lifetime value and ROI?

  • Exploiting rights to the maximum, while ensuring rights and copyright clearance 
  • Having all content represented across all platforms in one seamless flow  
  • Achieving maximum impact from content promotions
  • Knowing the value of schedules and content assets
  • Accurately predicting ratings
  • Getting rid of data silos for insightful analyses
  • Becoming a data-driven organization

The programming challenge

How do I manage channels & platforms to optimize audience engagement?

  • Going for more channels, platforms, territories and business models without spiraling complexities and costs
  • Simplifying the content planning process with cross-channel/platform co-ordination
  • Bringing in metadata and material right on cue
  • Reporting without depending on bespoke spreadsheets
  • Delivering a great sports experience
  • Combining radio with all your other content
  • Ensuring a coherent content discovery experience across platforms

Your agility-boosting suites for content strategy, content management and content scheduling across linear and on-demand


All the WHATS’ON and BeBanjo capabilities to maximize Content ROI through any combination of on-demand, linear, and FAST delivery.


All the WHATS’ON capabilities to maximize your Content ROI through any combination of linear and FAST delivery.


All the BeBanjo capabilities to maximize your Content ROI through on-demand platforms.













WHATS’ON and BeBanjo:
the best of both worlds offered as SaaS


The world's richest capabilities for linear and FAST

  • Easy to implement, integrate and manage
  • Continuously evolving


The best-of-breed SaaS product for on-demand 

  • Easy and deep integrations (great APIs) and automation
  • All VOD operations tracked at a glance from one beautifully intuitive interface

WHATS'ON & BeBanjo 

Your Media Business Management Platform for business agility & performance         

One source of truth, touchless operations, actionable intelligence 

  • Content, rights, and planning & scheduling workflows unified and orchestrated across on-demand, linear, and FAST
  • Automation to manage by exception and eliminate hidden waste, such as repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone processes, waiting times and processing complexity
  • Strategy, planning and execution synced with real-time data driving operations and decisions
  • All departments perfectly synced with enhanced collaborative workflows 
  • Data assets connected across the content supply chain to fast-track advanced BI and AI capabilities that visualize and optimize Content ROI
  • Best-of-breed SaaS products offering scalability, flexibility, interoperability, and adaptability


We are all about creating mission-critical value

  • We are a global, agile team of knowledge workers who create mission-critical value for our customers
  • We combine global expertise and experience with local knowledge and presence
  • The proximity to our customers inspires us to co-innovate and continuously develop future-fit products. It also obliges us to stay on top of evolution with our product roadmap
  • We are a mature and solid global player. We deliver world-class quality anywhere and take up infrastructure, monitoring, and security responsibilities
  • Investments in a profound information security programme resulted in the ISO 27001 Certificate for Information Security Management
  • Wherever our customers operate, they can rely on customer-facing support during local business hours

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